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Patience, Perseverance & Passion

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Patience, Perseverence & Passion

For all the women out there looking for a change and needing a vitality fitness trainer - Alexa is here to inspire, influence, and encourage you towards becoming your truest version of yourself - healthy, strong, fast, powerful, and toned while keeping in mind the patience and loving kindness always exhibited towards your unique self. In becoming the best version of yourself and conquering life's challenges by first stepping into the strong body you were meant to flaunt - Alexa's workouts are here to sway.

Being active is a lifestyle.  It's not a temporary easy fix - our bodies were made to be in motion and will not function at an optimum vitality if we don't. Everyone is at their own unique level.  However, moving can be fun and customized to fit individual needs. 

A hand in hand approach must be used with this active lifestyle and  should incorporate strength training, cardiovascular exercise for your heart health, and stretching to improve flexibility while increasing muscle strength. Working out requires a set of skills that can be learned - while realizing everyone has their own pace and that is absolutely normal. I still see progress on my own body at various progression rates and I try hard not to put a time frame on it because I realize it is a lifelong road I've embarked on with my main focus being healthy. My workouts, although sometime strenuous, they always make me feel good, more energetic, happier, healthier, focused, eager to take on challenging projects, and with an increased capacity of staying positive and respond to life challenges in a calm proactive way to respond with a positive voice.  There are so many different patterns of training and progression models, for my own sake I don't believe in pushing musculoskelatal limits to a max. Again I am not an athlete, I am not in a competition except with myself - therefore results will occur with a disciplined regiment that follows your body's cues, that can be demanding at times without making you want to vomit or pass out.  



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