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Detox January?

Improving and resetting our body

Dr. Steven Gundry the plant paradox diet- meal prep

Detox January?

As many of us out there, January starts off with a set of desires to improve and reset our body that we overloaded with calories from all the Christmas parties packed with good foods, heavy d'oeuvres and alcohol sprees. Although most of the days I am trying to make healthy decisions with regards to nutrition and activity levels, December is a hard month on your system and you need a reboot no matter how healthy you think you are. Recently as I was listening to one of my favortie podcasts "The Model Health Show" and Shawn Stevenson is incredibly informative and fun to listen to, he had a very interesting guest on - Dr. Steven Gundry talking about his new book. I have purchased it and started reading it for a few weeks now (I am a very slow reader as english is my second language and normally I have 2-3  books that I am reading at the same time so I cannot brag about the speed I have while starting a book). With that being sad, I was fascinated by Dr. Gundry's intellect and life story. A very famous heart surgeon, he decided to shift gears and turn to helping people through prevention, meaning he decided to stop performing surgeries, and focused on educating people on how to eat healthy, what to avoid, hence the need for medical intervention will dissipate, and people will be able to heal themselves from serious diseases through the "natural medication" that food can become if consumed with the indications he provides.     


I started phase 1 with excitement and motivation, felt great, the inflammation in my body reduced considerably, my daily thoracic spine soreness/pain was gone, I was waking up in the morning radiating. The only problem with high fat, dark leafy organic greens and lean protein was that my body missed the energy, that feel good state, the carbs put you in while converting into glucose in your system that fuel your brain and muscles. With a full time 8-5 job, part time Personal trainer and also working out 6-7 times a week, it was extremely difficult. Needless to say I went back to my "Peanut Butter diet" - lol - eating what I love knowingly that it might not be necessarily what Dr. Gundry recommends. It might take a village to change the love/ "addiction" I have for Peanut Butter, but hopefully without murmuring through the tears of desire, I will get there. Dinner last night was a beautiful pot roast grass fed Angus beef dinner with buffalo Brussels sprouts and a crisp 2013 Tangley Oaks, Merlot and that's because I have learned to listen to my own body and what it needs in terms of nutrition and workouts.  We always adapt and improve accordingly, it just a matter of staying sharpe in our awareness of needs. We are all beautiful, as Maya Angelou was referencing a notion, the idea of each one's "crown" has already been bought and fought for the only thing we got to do is put it on! Alexa's Team! I encourage all of you to take your crowns, put them on and walk with purpose, confidence and determination! Never quit, never stop, adapt, learn, discover and follow the path that was meant for you!

PS: I will give you just a preview of what my diet consisted of for day 1  - pictures proof :O

Day 1:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Snack: Romaine Lettuce Boats filled with Guacamole 

Lunch: Arugula Salad with Chicken and Lemon Vinaigrette

Snack: Romaine Lettuce Boats filled with Guacamole

Dinner: Cabbage-Kale Saute with Salmon and avocado

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